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It's that time of year when the weather seems grey and most public facilities seem like a festival of germs. This week we've brought you a blog full of creative ideas to keep the kids busy indoors - germ free! (well almost!)

Make and Takes: Craft Ideas, Kids Crafts, Recipes and More. Your daily dose of ideas and crafty tidbits for home, family, and fun.



A Dream in the Making

Marie is the creative mom behind the kids crafting blog, Make and Takes. See who inspires her and find out what she’s got her eye on next. (Hint: it involves fishnets!)

My Take on “The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom”

I was very much looking forward to this new TV show, “The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom” on TLC. I was happy to see that there was finally going to be a show that addressed what so many moms are going through. What a HUGE disappointment the show was...where do I start?

Taking Shape

Getting your body in shape after having a child is a challenge all of us women face. But what is more, is that our bodies are not the only thing we have to worry about.


If You Can't Take the Heat

When my kids were little, I talked a big game about pulling them out of school for travel. Not for me a life that revolved around school calendar. There was more to education than the classroom. And so on.