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Looking for a Tough Workout? Try Barre Class!

Stop the music. Hold your horses.
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Shut it down.  I need to take the floor for a few moments to be overly judgmental.  I know, I know, what’s new?  I must share my Barre story.

For several months now, I have been pestered by friends to try a Barre class.  When I asked them what the heck “Bar-eh” classes were, it went a little something like this.

Friend: “It is called Bar, not Bar-eh.  Hahaha!”

Me: “Oh, right.  So what is a Baarrrre class?”

Friend: “It’s ballet on crack!”

Me: (insert image of adult women in pink tights and tutus frolicking across the floor)  “Ballet?  So lots of stretching?  Is this the new hot yoga?”

Friend: “Ohhh no.  You get the best ab workout, you only use 1-5lb weights and your legs will be hurting by the end, I promise!”

Me: (I will tell you what will make your legs hurt by the end, Ironman, not ballet) “Sounds nice.”

Friend: “So you want to join me?”

Me: “Umm, yeah, maybe when Ironman is over.” (when I have more time to waste)

If you haven’t noticed from my prior posts, I am a group workout class snob.  My reasoning?  I want the best workout during the time that I have to exercise or else I feel guilty for taking so much time away from my family.  A class with 1-5lbs weights.  Ballet.  Eh, that just does not excite me.  But Ironman is officially done and that means one thing, I needed to try a Barre class, as promised.

Sunday morning.  I woke up, got a cup of coffee, threw on the matching lululemon outfit (duh!) and headed to Community Fitness for my first Barre class.  I paid the $12 drop in fee and headed to the studio.  The room was lined with Barre’s against the walls, squishy balls, 1-5lbs weights, yoga mats and mirrors.  I definitely was in a ballet studio.  The instructor asked us to grab a mat, ball and a set of light and heavy weights, then make our way to a spot on the bar.

The clock clicked 10:30 and the music started and we all jumped in, following the teachers lead.  Plies, squats, toe touches.  Look at the clock 10:40.  “Am I going to make it through this class?” I thought to myself.  Grab our heavy weights.  More squats.  Drop the heavy weights pick up the light ones.  Shoulder presses, triceps, rows.  Look at the clock 10:55.  Sigh…  Hit the floor, grab the ball, now it was time for abs.  Legs up, legs down.  Legs in circles.  Planks.  Side planks.  Crunches.  Ouch!  Look at the clock 11:20.  “Almost there!” I said as I wiped sweat off my brow.  Finally, at the end, when it was time to do our cool down and stretches, the instructor asked us to put our leg up on the bar for a nice hamstring stretch.  I looked at my friend and started laughing out loud.  My leg was so sore that I knew it was not going much further than where it was, which was on the floor.

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Judgement day has ended.  Barre is no joke.  I was more sore after my first Barre class than after finishing my Ironman.  Yes, I do not exaggerate.  That is the truth.  My legs have been quivering ever since.

This reminds me that it is all about perspective.  Some people look at me and think that Ironman is hard or I am all sorts of crazy.  I now look at the woman who are Barre addicts and curtsey to them.  Tough ladies!

If you have not tried a Barre class, I highly recommend you do so.

Here is a list of local Seattle gyms and studios that offer Barre classes:

Community Fitness – $12 drop in + multiple packages available.  Daycare available if kid is old enough to play quietly (with iPad or book) in the entryway.  Green Lake/Roosevelt location only.

The Bar Method – $24 drop in + multiple packages available.  No daycare available.  South Lake Union and Redmond locations.

Flybarre – $25 drop in + multiple packages available.  No daycare available.  South Lake Union and Bellevue locations.

Pure Barre – $23 drop in +  multiple packages available.  No daycare available.  University Village, Queen Anne and Bellevue locations.

Barre3 – $20 drop in + multiple packages available.   Childcare available $5 per session.  Capitol Hill location only.


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