Long time… no shop!?

I went on a trip last week and was gone from Tuesday until Sunday.
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The rest of my family was at home.  So I guess we might call that a vacation!  The rest of the family actually was gone the last two days as well visiting family.

I didn’t plan meals out for the family except for a Stouffer’s Lasagna (which they always love!).  The rest of the week they scrounged and yes, Dad bought pizza one night.  It helped that I had plenty of food on hand (tortillas, bread, milk, eggs) and that they are teenagers and can make meals out of boxes and cans – that is most convenient when Mom isn’t home cooking from scratch.

The biggest thing is always coming home from a trip and finding nothing in the home.  Luckily I had a frozen chicken pot pie from last month in the freezer and some other meats and most importantly MILK in the home so when I returned there was food in the home.  Seriously… I can not tell you the number of times I have had to go get milk REALLY early Monday morning after coming home from a trip.

So, I haven’t even been to the grocery store yet.  Planning in advance has really helped.  The best tool you can have in your Household Management arsenal is to have meals on hand frozen or the ingredients to make lots of meals.  That will help when you have people running in and out and around all summer long without routine.  Get a blank calendar () and get yourself organized and you will have to shop less!


Holiday Gift Shopping for Dummies

Even though I graduated college with honors, I have to admit, I’m not always the sharpest knife in the drawer. If I were, I certainly would have realized that no matter what I did, no matter when I went, there was no way, no how, that I was going to avoid the crowds shopping for holiday gifts.

Time Trials

The other morning, I was digging around for something in the back of my closet when I found a framed photograph I’d stashed there in one of my fits of manic tidying.