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Life and Loss Online - Megan Smith

I've been thinking about her all morning. I've never met her. But I've been thinking about her husband, their little daughter, her parents, the people who loved her.

I have received a few emails in the last couple of days from a friend reaching out on behalf of a family trying to rally some prayers for a loved one. I clicked through and read the story of a brand new mom being diagnosed with Leukemia literally while she was in labor with her first born little girl. They took Megan Smith directly from labor and delivery in an ambulance to the cancer institute and began more tests.

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She fought there for the last 4 months and passed away this morning at 12:50 a.m. leaving behind a sweet young husband (who has been posting at, and a brand new little girl named Rylee.

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Daylight savings woke me at 5:15 a.m. today and I read her update in my inbox. I've been thinking about her all morning. I've never met her. But I've been thinking about her husband, their little daughter, her parents, the people who loved her. And thinking about how there are so many stories and people we would have never known had they not been sharing them online. It makes the world a smaller place. Sometimes it makes the world a scarier place. But all in all I think that each of us has a platform and the power to influence people for good - which is exactly what Megan and Ryan Smith did by sharing their story.

I'm so sorry for their loss today. As you can imagine, they have a mounting pile of medical expenses and there has been a fund set up for them here.

Thanks Ryan for sharing Megan's life and smile with us. Thinking of you today -

To read more about Megan - visit



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