Style: Levi's Fit Finder

A few months ago I decided to try Levi's Fit Finder to try a new fit of jean.

I am a huge fan of Levi's jeans. I know, how retro. But I've been so happy with the fit, quality, and price of the Levi's I've bought over the past 5 years that I hardly buy any other brand. It helps that I can just order them and have a new pair sent to my house with minimal fuss.

A few months ago I decided to try Levi's Fit Finder to try a new fit of jean. You can input the issues you usually have with jeans (Gaping at the waist? Too low? Muffin top?) and their Fit Finder will find the pair of jeans that will fit you best. I found out that I am a demi-curve fit. I can now go to the Levi's site, or Zappos, and search by the fit, and then select the style and color I'd prefer. I am THRILLED with my new Levi's. They fit perfectly, and I didn't have to go to a dozen stores and try on 100 jeans to find the ones I liked best.

demi curve straight leg

Those are my jeans (but not on me): demi curve, straight leg, rigid dark wash. PERFECT. From Zappos.

Disclaimer: None. I really did this and Levi's didn't even pay us. Word of mouth, yo.

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