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Let's Talk About Last Nights Oscars

What was your favorite part of last night's Oscars?
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Let's talk about last night's Oscars!

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Now that we have Twitter and Facebook, I love watching the show live! It's like being at a ginormous Oscar party with your funniest friends. One of my kids sneaked downstairs long after bedtime, but I let him stay up to watch a little of the show with me. He got to cheer on his favorite: Rio during the Best Original Song. It's always more fun to watch when you have a favorite movie to root for.

My Highlights:

  • Octavia Spencer's win for Best Supporting Actress - I teared up.
  • Reese Witherspoon loves Overboard! - All the actor interviews talking about why they love the movies
  • Justin Bieber and Billy Crystal - Come on, that was hilarious
  • Bret Mckenzie's win for Best Original Song from the Muppets
  • The writers of The Descendants teasing Angelina Jolie's leg-out stance
  • Emma Stone anyone? That girl is amazing. We all want to be her new best friend
  • Chris Rock!
  • The Artist! I loved the movie and was thrilled to see it win so many awards.
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