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Legal Ducks in a Row? (or…How I am Going to Protect My Family)

I have a few questions for you…
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  1. Do you and your spouse go on vacation by yourselves and leave your kids in someone else’s care while you go?
  2. Do your kids travel without you for athletic events/tournaments?
  3. Do you and your spouse enjoy a date night once and awhile?
  4. Do you do things away from your family? Commute to work/on errands? Dinner with friends? Travel?

Did you answer yes to any of those?

How about these?

  1. Do the people that you leave your kids with while you’re on vacation have legal documentation that allows them to obtain medical care for them?
  2. Do the people traveling/caring for your kids have your insurance info, and knowledge of that child’s allergies or medical information?
  3. Do you have a legal Will that designates who will care for your kids if you were to die driving home from date night?
  4. If you had an accident, does your spouse know your wishes about life support?

I know some of those are super dramatic.

But think back in your mind, about the people you know that have experienced the really bad, scary hard, cripplingly awful stuff…did they get advanced notice?

They didn’t.

I wish they did. But life doesn’t work that way.

As mothers we can have a tendency to dwell on the scary stuff without ANY prompting and, I for one, will freely admit to not wanting to think about the hard stuff any more than I absolutely have to.

But that’s not going to save me from experiencing hard stuff, it’s just going to make it HARDER and MORE COMPLICATED if something bad happens and I don’t have my legal ducks in a row.



You’re mostly right.

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Check out Bloomwell. They provide legal documents for families. Founded by attorneys with families, Bloomwell allows you to easily adapt and customize a document to fit your state, religious/cultural beliefs, family dynamics, and print, sign, and store them.

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Here’s what documents they offer:

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Here’s what impressed me…

Bloomwell is focused on the legal needs for FAMILIES. Family isn’t just a section of their overall business, it’s their whole business.

Because it’s all about family, Bloomwell’s legal documents are flexible enough to fit the needs of dynamic family arrangements such as domestic partnerships, blended families, single parents, and everything in between.

It’s low cost and low commitment. Their pricing model is incredibly inexpensive and you can pick and choose which documents you need, if you only want a one time document, or you want to go with a subscription plan so you can get all of the documents for your whole family, use unlimited revisions, and store them with Bloomwell’s bank-level encryption. If you decide to cancel at anytime, you just download your documents and go on your merry way.

Thinking about a Will or Living Trust or Health Care Directives are heavy. I get it.

But here’s a fun example of me totally winging it at the last minute (SPOILER ALERT: Don’t be like me.)

A few years ago, my parents asked if they could take my daughter with them on vacation (she was 4 or 5 at the time) and we said “of course!” Fast forward to the departure day when we are hustling around the house at, no joke 5:00 in the morning, because they were catching an early flight to Arizona. My mom texted me asking if I thought they’d get stopped by airport security. In all of our planning, while my daughter has a passport, it never occurred to us what might happen when my parents—who don’t share my daughter’s last name—would try to cruise through the airport with her.

So there I was frantically Googling, typing, printing, and then waiting anxiously to hear from my parents whether or not the letter I drafted on the fly, giving them permission to travel with my child, would work.

It did. But the fact that it did work is sort of crazy and I’m not going to count on that again.

So, friends, even if you aren’t ready to ponder things like your Will, it pays to make sure that your kiddos can make it through airport security with someone other than you, or be easily cared for at InstaCare on your next Anniversary trip to Cabo.

This post is sponsored by our friends at Bloomwell, but as always, my opinions and hair-brain true stories, are my own.


Legal Ducks in a Row?

Legal Ducks in a Row? (or…How I am Going to Protect My Family)

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