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Leap Year Birthday

By the time you read this post, my new nephew will have entered this world. My curiosity about his name is being eclipsed by the wonder at his Leap Year Birthday.

By the time you read this post, my new nephew will have entered this world. My curiosity about his name is being eclipsed by the wonder at his Leap Year Birthday.


It's a funny day to be born: Funny-Quirky in that it only occurs every four years, and Funny-Sad in that it only occurs every four years. How's a kid to deal? hotred has a positive take on it.

The Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies is a good place to find mutual company, as well. They're strangers, but you can commiserate together.

And here's a list of some famous Leap Year birthday people. Well, fame is relative. Ja Rule is included due to his February 29, 1976 birth, so that's...something.

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How do other Leapsters feel about their birthdays? Mostly appreciative, it seems. I do feel bad for people whose families ignore their off-year birthdays. Three years with no cake and candles? That's cold.

As a child, Leap Year could be a difficult concept to grasp. Leopold's Long Awaited Leap Year Birthday may be a helpful literary tool for this.

My family has a penchant for obscure holiday birthdays. This Leap Year baby will join cousins with birthdays on Groundhog Day and Bastille Day. Other family members celebrate birthdays mere days from Christmas and July Fourth. In the end, we're just happy to meet our new Schmidtwatchie*. His weird birthday will start him off right in our weird family.


Do you have a Leap Year Birthday in your family? How do you celebrate the years that don't include February 29th?

* Schmidtwatchie is a family word. Only about 8 people in the world will understand this reference, and maybe 3 of them will read this post.



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