Layered Frame Wall Art

Layered Frame Wall Art
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I wouldn’t necessarily call myself an artist or even someone who’s good with creating something beautiful from a blank canvas. I’m a terrible painter (although I like to do it for fun). I also can’t draw worth a flip. I’m not trying to be down on myself here or have all the mercy hearted people start lying to me by saying it’s not true. I’m simply being honest with myself. However, I do know what I like and what’s appealing to me visually. It’s then that I try to re-create what I like. One of my latest re-creations involves empty frames and an unfinished painting by my sister-in-law (who is an amazing painter). Check out the step-by-step.

Layered Frame Wall Art

1.Start by gathering a whole slew of empty frames. You could choose to spray paint them or simply leave them as is. I chose to leave mine as is.

2.Pick your wall spot. The lovely thing about this project is that you can really fill an empty space with small pieces.

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3.Find a space on the floor to play around with how you want your frames to look on the wall. Then, take a photo. This step could be omitted if you’re unlike me and can just start throwing something on the wall and have it look good. I cannot.

4.Next comes the interesting part. Now there’s probably all sorts of ways that you could hang your frames. Because I live in S. Africa and have concrete walls, I try to avoid hammers and nails, because they frustrate me. Instead I went with a heavy duty double sided mounting tape similar to 3M Scotch Heavy Duty Mounting Tape (affiliate link). Most of my frames were pretty light so this worked well. I did have to hot glue one frame to the base frame simply because it was too heavy. The hot glue worked great.

5.If you are hanging a canvas over the frames or want to create some depth, then I would suggest drilling a block of wood to the wall and have a nail or screw sticking out to hang the canvas on. I let my husband do this part because of my frustration with concrete walls.

6.Stand back and admire your wall art creation. I really love how the layered frames fill my wall and make the canvas stand out.

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