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Laundry Room Painting Ideas

Laundry Room Painting Ideas

My laundry room was a miserable, small little space so we decided to push walls out and make more space, which requires patching and painting and yes, picking paint colors. But how to choose what color to paint? After all, you spend a lot of time in your laundry room.

Here’s a peek at what our laundry room looked like pre-paint. (Ignore the grey floors, we were just wrapping up the grout, but you can see that my drywall is prepped and ready to go!)

Here are a few laundry room painting ideas and considerations to think through when trying to pick a color for the place that you spend more time in than you’d like to.


My laundry room is in the basement: no windows, not a hint of natural light, and next to the furnace room. I’d need a lighter color to keep everything bright. If your laundry room has natural light, you might be able to pick a more intense color.

Mold Resistant Paint

Frankly, I never thought of it until I saw it, and it just made sense. We chose the Valspar Asthma and Allergy Friendly paint.

  • First paint certified asthma and allergy friendly (we are a household full of allergies)
  • Anti-microbial finish that is mold and mildew resistant (important for a laundry room and basement)
  • Zero VOCs (I literally just learned about this from my husband who is an energy analyst the other day. If you are interested in green building or having a LEED certified home or remodel, VOCs are a big deal)

Easy Wipe Down

The laundry room is a collection point in your house for the dirtiest of things. Any paint you choose for the laundry better be easy to wipe down.

Check Your Lights!

Let’s face it, these new fangled bulbs can really jack up your paint colors. Every bulb I tried against the paint colors produced a different result. Know which kind of lights you’ll be using and check the paint colors you are considering against those bulbs.

Trim Color

Too stark? We went with Swiss Coffee. It’s a Benjamin Moore color that we had matched to the Lowe’s Valspar paint. You don’t always have to choose eggshell. And you don’t need to choose a white so bright that it actually detracts from the contrast you are trying to provide.

Who Has Final Say Over the Paint Color?

You. If you’re the one who spends the most time there, you win. If your better half (and I say better, because if they are spending the bulk of the time in the laundry room, they are better) is spending most of the time in the laundry room, they win.

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The number one thing that people say to me when they come to check out the laundry room is that it felt light and cheery – which was exactly what I was looking for! Even though my laundry room is in a dark corner of the basement, I actually feel like it’s daylight in there.

Paint Colors:

Valspar Olive White – computer screens do not do the color justice. I will go down in history as saying that this is my favorite paint color of all time and officially made my laundry room the happiest place on earth. Sorry, Disneyland.

Image placeholder title
Image placeholder title

Semi-Gloss Swiss Coffee Match in Valspar Allergen

Image placeholder title

I love the paint colors I chose, but always remember with paint – you can always do it again!

What We Used:

  • Killz Primer
  • Valspar Allergen Paint in Olive White (flat) and Swiss Coffee (semi-gloss)
  • Frog Tape
  • Molding – 6 inch MDF base with an eased edge, 4 inch MDF casing

More on our Remodel Project:

Laundry Room Remodel Series Sponsored by Lowes:

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A Giveaway for YOUR Laundry Room:

We want to add a little joy to your laundry room too! Enter to win the Whirlpool Duet Front Loading Washer and Dryer!


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