Laundry Help and Organization

Help! My laundry is eating my life!


My laundry is eating my life!

Some people love laundry. They love the way the detergent smells, they love folding the soft, warm clothes, they like seeing neat piles put away in proper drawers.

I am not those people.

If you want dishes done, I'm your girl. Like a mural painted? Let's make it happen. Want your laundry done and put away? You need someone else.

We're stuck in a vicious cycle; everyone keeps wearing clothes and then they put them near a hamper. Or not near a hamper. Anything goes in this house, apparently.

laundry room organization

The dirty laundry pile then grows until I finally have time to do a load. Next, either the load stays in the dryer where everyone poaches individual items, or it goes into the giant to-be-folded pile. Oh, people, it doesn't get better. Every once in a while we do all the laundry in the house, every bit, and then it all needs to be folded and it sits in a pile. Five people, including the baby, contributing to this mess.

Are we sensing a theme? Piles. Piles and piles and piles.

Laundry Pile

You thought I was kidding?

I am so over it. This is the year that I am going to get some laundry help and organization. The kids are old enough (except for the baby, of course) to fold and put their own clothes away. I have a few ideas.

The first step is to clear out that massive Everest of clean laundry. We need a place to put clean laundry besides the random baskets we have. I need to find the point where laundry is breaking down. If I can put a stop to the clothes that come through the system that are out of season, in disrepair, or in between sizes, it will cut down on redundancy.

Do you have any great laundry organization tips? A system that works for your family? Help a sister out!


Laundry Mountain

Laundry Room Ideas

It was time. The laundry was multiplying like moths trapped in a Cheerios bag. And if you've never seen that, it's a lot.