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Lady Gaga Drops Mic On Body Shamers With Perfect Response

My girl Lady Gaga absolutely crushed it at her Superbowl halftime performance this last week, but not without catching some serious flak from a horde of internet body shaming trolls who basically missed the entire point, as usual.

lady gaga twitter trolls

First of all, WHO ARE THESE WRETCHED PEOPLE AND WHAT SMELLY CAVE OF HORRORS DO THEY ALL LIVE IN? Shut the hell up, Twitter. You are the worst. 

Let's get one thing straight, Lady Gaga is an amazeballs performer. Not only did she sing the whole thing while leaping off rooflines, dangling from cables, and doing some pretty intense choreography -- she did it alone with no guest appearances, and no one to give her a time out to catch her dang breath. Oh, and she was wearing heels and a pair of rhinestone shorts and then dropped the mic and caught a football mid air.


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She wins everything. 

Lady Gaga's response to the body shaming was as on point as her performance:

Lady Gaga Instagram

"Be you, and be relentlessly you."

Basically, haters to the left. 

It's apparently a hard and difficult lesson for the underlings of the internet to absorb that women don't all have to fit into a certain box and that our bodies are not up for approval or dissection in any way. That's right tweetiots, nobody needs your two cents so get out of your mom's basement and get a life. 


Lady Gaga Drops Mic On Body Shamers With Perfect Response

Lady Gaga Drops Mic On Body Shamers With Perfect Response

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