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Kids Behind the Camera

Handing over the camera has become a habit. The more photos my kid takes the more I laugh and the more I learn.
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The night before I gave birth to my son, my husband, daughter and I had dinner with my folks. My daughter often begged to take pictures with the camera and perhaps because we knew it was our last night with our only child, I agreed.

So with the camera strap cinched around her wrist, she began snapping photos. The result was hilarious so handing over the camera has become a habit. The more photos she takes the more I laugh and the more I learn...about her view of the world (literally and figuratively) and about the people around her.

One of the coolest things that I noticed about the images she captures is how people respond when a child is behind the camera. Point a camera at an adult and many will tense up and try to offer a happy and flattering smile. If a kid points a camera at you and asks you to smile, the resulting images are nothing short of joyful.

Now don’t get the wrong impression...most of the images are barely in focus, all are poorly framed and a few will shed light on aspects of your world you’re not that thrilled to see (one image sent me to the store to for new bras...didn’t realize the “girls” were looking so lackluster). But that is part of the fun and trust me when I tell you that you will laugh your tush off when you scroll through the images captured by your child.

Here are a few from my budding photographer...


Grandpa holding her new baby brother at the hospital. We’ll just use our imaginations to fill in Grandpa’s head.


No one else could have snapped a photo of me after just having given birth and received a wave.


Dad just home from work. She was so happy to see him that she couldn’t even wait for him to smile.

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Feeding the baby. Thanks for framing this shot for optimum privacy!


Me and my Mom. This may be one of my favorite photos of us ever.


I need to smile like this in all my photos. Also, shortly after this I cleaned off my fridge. Sheesh.


She posed her bear in the infant swing. Seems silly now, but years from now I know we’ll be glad to have such a good photo of it.


Craft beads up close. Does this count as bokeh?


Awwww. The light of her brother.

Another unintended bonus of handing over the camera? You’ll actually get to appear in pictures. See! I do exist!



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