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Kid Style: Keen Darby Boot

I can be tough to outfit a rough and tumble girly girl...
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It can be tough to outfit a rough and tumble girly girl.

Clothing and accessories must twirl, sparkle AND be able to stand up to an impromptu tree climb, bike ride, or princess-ninja adventure.

Bonus points if the outfit includes wings or a cape.

So as the weather began to get cooler, I told my girl that we’d need to get her some boots. Her response:

“I’d really like them to be purple.”

I think I said something like “sure, babe” and in my mind I distinctly remember thinking “where on EARTH am I going to find purple boots?!”

No lie. A few days later the kind folks at KEEN emailed me an asked if I’d be interested in reviewing one of their new pairs of kids shoes. Among the new styles?


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KEEN Darby Boot in Sweet Grape

The Darby Boot comes in brown, black, and “sweet grape”. Sweet is right.

I’ve made no secret that KEENS are my go-to shoes. I give them as gifts. I buy them for my kids. I’m leaving not-so-subtle hints to Santa that I’d really like to see these under my Christmas tree this year.

These boots are soft enough for her to put on herself and give her lots of flexibility. They’re sturdy and have held up so well to all of the play a preschooler can pack into an average girl doesn’t get the concept of “nice” clothes...if it’s in her closet, it better be all purpose.


As much wear and tear as my girl puts her shoes through, we’ve been able to hand down every pair of her KEEN’s to Rachael’s girl. She’s almost exactly one year younger than my girl and she gets a full round of wear out of them too.

I’m not going to lie. I kinda wish they made them in my size.


Disclaimer: KEEN sent me these lovely boots so that my girl could give them a whirl. My opinions and words, as always, are my own.


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