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Kerri Walsh and P&G Announce $25 Million Fund

Hot off the heels of her third Olympic Gold Medal in beach volleyball, Kerri Walsh helped P&G announce their global plan to raise $25 million to say ‘Thank You Mom’ by helping establish and sustain youth sport programs around the world. Earlier this year, P&G pledged to raise $5 million dollars for youth sports and not only met that goal but exceeded it by $1million for a total of $6 million to support sports development, school equipment, youth funds & scholarships and places in summer sports camps across the world.

Said Kerri, “Sport has played a rich and meaningful role in my life since early childhood and, as a mother, I value the role it plays in helping my children have healthy, well-rounded lives. Supporting today’s little athletes, whether or not they grow up to become tomorrow’s Olympians, is essential. Play helps babies develop, just as sport helps children learn important life skills and I’m delighted to help P&G and Pampers in their announcement today.”

Kerri helped P&G establish the Youth Fund in the U.S. earlier this year and is a brand ambassador for P&G’s biggest brand Pampers, which celebrates babies’ spirit of play.

Kari Walsh 3 time Olympian medalist
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