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Kate Spade Hashtag Tote

I love Kate Spade. Most of the time.

I used to be passionately devoted. Does anyone remember this boxy little bag?


Loved it. Used this bad boy to death. Without doing a lot of research, I'd say I had this bag around 2000 or 2001.

Fast forward to today...wait for it....wait for it....

Introducing the Hashtag Tote...

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Really Kate Spade? This bag looks like a size that I could probably toss a few diapers into. And since that's my life, that's pretty key. But for $248, I'm not going to put diapers into a bag that tells everyone how hungover I am.

I blame this on Liz Claiborne acquiring Kate Spade in 2006. I can appreciate a good statement tee, but I'm not feeling this. What do you think Twitter happy people? Are you digging the Hashtag Tote?


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