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July Photo a Day and Favorite Shots from June

Time to pick a July Photo a Day challenge that strikes your fancy and share a few of my favorite photos from June.

July is upon us! Time to pick a July Photo a Day challenge that strikes your fancy.

Fat Mum Slim has a dynamic list of prompts and a nice process for highlighting and sharing photos from challenge participants.

July Photo a Day Fat Mum Slim

The Idea Room also has a great list of daily photo ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

July Photo a Day The Idea Room

How about something different in July? Consider taking the July Food Photo a Day Challenge from 84th & 3rd. I don’t build creative enough menus to do this every day, but I’ll be sure to take a stab at a few photos that will land in the #julyfoodphotos pool.

July Photo a Day Foodies

I didn’t manage to keep up with the June Photo a Day challenge like I intended, but pouring my heart out last month served to rekindle my love of snapping photos and give me the nudge I needed to look for the beauty, the funny, the sweet of every single day.

I almost can’t believe how much I packed into the month of June. Lucky for me, I had a camera close by each and every day to capture all of it. When I wasn’t using my iPhone to post on Instagram I had my DSLR handy. Here are my favorites...

EO_June 1

Dance Moms, I salute you! It took two curling irons, half a can of hairspray, an 8-page instruction pamphlet, and an entire morning to figure out all this business.

EO_June 2

On my table...the conference call aftermath. Earbuds, notebook, chocolate-covered espresso beans from Trader Joe's, Benedict Cumberbatch on my laptop, princess crown, and measuring cups. The usual. (This photo touched off what has been almost a month-long text message assault from Rachael Herrscher, who is horrified by my Benedict crush.)

EO_June 3

This kid is OBSESSED with bugs.

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EO_June 4

A busy weekend of work and play leaves us all feeling a little wiped out and piled on the couch by 4p on a Sunday.

EO_June 5

I was in Boise, Idaho for meetings. Lunch on the patio at Fork was TASTY and I’m a sucker for umbrellas.

EO_June 6

We spent Father’s Day in the mountains. My husband teaching my girl how to fish while the boy and I wandered in the woods.

EO_June 7

I attended a social media conference in Los Angeles that was held at The Ritz Carlton. I was getting some fresh air during a break and I spotted a lovely courtyard and thought it would make a better souvenir shot than the inside of the conference room.

EO_June 8

My sweet boy was doing his best impression of the tantrum-throwing, naughty kid at a Salt Lake Bees game. So we hauled him home early.

EO_June 9

My dancer is now a T-Ball queen.

EO_June 10

Parenting Perk: Chasing kiddos with the hose.

Catch you on Instagram. :)


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July Photo a Day and Favorite Shots from June

July is upon us! Time to pick a July Photo a Day challenge that strikes your fancy.


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