Jenny Louden, to Offer Workshop Focused on Aliveness through Self-Kindess

You’ve heard it a thousand times: self-nurturing helps you handle the challenges of life.
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You’ll be more patient, more creative, a better boss/parent/friend.

You know what I say?Blah blah blah**.**

Here’s the truth: being kind to yourself feels better than being mean to yourself.

Being mean to yourself keeps you stuck. It exhausts you. It does not motivate you – that’s a lie.

Being mean to yourself and constantly pushing yourself creates one thing and one thing only:

a depleted unhappy you who can neither enjoy the life you’ve been given nor express your gifts, gifts that the world desperately needs.

Being mean to yourself shapes a brain that is afraid to do much of anything but stay busy and hide from life.

Being kind to yourself – in all the ways you will learn at this retreat – is the best way to remember this is the only life you get.

And it’s yours to live, and savor and shape, the way you want.

It’s also the best way to get into action and start creating more of what you want.