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Jake and the Never Land Pirates



I've got quite the little pirate lover at my house. She's yo ho this and yo ho that. Her plastic Little Tykes climbing structure is her pirate ship, and her VERY favorite show is Jake and the Never Land Pirates on Disney Junior. The whole show centers around Jake and his pirate crew trying to stop Captain Hook and Smee from some crazy shennanigans. She thinks it's hysterical, and I think she MIGHT just have a little cartoon crush on Jake.

One member of Jake's pirate crew is his little friend Izzy, and whenever she encounters something that she doesn't think is quite right, her catch phrase is, "Yay hey, no way!" Well guess what the new catch phrase is at my house? Although we've worked hard on the catch phrase being, "no thank you" when she's turning something down, it's turned into "no way." Thanks a lot Izzy.

It seems sort of automatic, and I'm not even sure she realizes it's coming out sometimes. We've talked to her about it, and she always says she isn't going to say it again, but it still periodically pops out. Unfortunately, I think we might need to take a step back from pirates to try to flush this out of her little system.

Do you have a show that you've had to back away from at your house? And folks at Disney, we love you to pieces, but do you think maybe Izzy could start saying, "Yay hey, no thanks?"

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