Jaded Palate? New, FREE Cookbooks

I love The Todd. I just love that man like crazy.
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Obviously, I appreciate my dear spouse for many reasons, but the main one is his willingness to cook.  And he’s good at it!  And he (mostly) cleans the kitchen!  But even the most dedicated of cooks occasionally wants to put their head in the oven, simply because one can’t think of anything else to put in the oven.

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Are you in that group?  Here’s some new, FREE cookbooks to get your creative juices flowing again.

Click above for 12 new ideas for chicken.

I have a girlfriend who loves Goldfish crackers.  Like, a little too much.  The Pepperidge Farm recipe for those little orange guys–and a whole bunch more–are in this name-brand recipe book.

“Southern Living” magazine has the most decadent cupcake recipes.  Get them free by clicking above.

Dieting can be incredibly depressing when you eat the same thing over and overagain.  Try some new flavors by clicking above.

Um…this isn’t a cookbook.  But I love Nutty Delights and there’s a coupon so…click away.