J. Crew Pajamas

Would you wear these for a big night out on the town?

So earlier this week, I wrote a post about the Kate Spade Hashtag Tote.


In case you missed it, here's my tag...#nowaykatespade. I'm not feeling it.

Tonight I was flipping through my J. Crew catalog and I found these....wait for it...

Presenting 24 Hour PJ's...described as "multitasking pajamas that go from slumber party to cocktail party when paired with the right pieces." What?

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Image from J.Crew

Image from J.Crew

That doesn't sound right. As comfy as I'm sure they are, I'm not putting on high heels with my pajamas and hitting the town. Not even with sparkly heels. Which is what J. Crew recommends.

Image from J. Crew

Image from J. Crew

Don't leave it at just the pajama pants. They want you to rock the top out on the town with "serious" jeans.

What do you think? Silky jammies for movies, midnight snacks and bedtime or the perfect outfit for a big night out?

And just for the record, the shirt is $138 and the pants are $128.



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