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Iron-On Embellished Skirt

This tutorial is just for embellishing the skirt.
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For a great skirt tutorial, check out Little Bit Funky’s 20 Minute Crafter: How to Make a T-shirt into a Skirt. The tutorial is great, it’s something I pinned from Pinterest and actually did! When I saw my husband today, I was excited to say, hey recognize this skirt? It used to be your Snapple shirt. He of course didn’t recognize it but also would have never guessed it was a shirt before!

You can buy a cute iron-on at any craft store but I made my own, to personalize it more (ok, you caught me, it was really just to save money!) and you can learn how to make your own here.





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  1. Iron your skirt, you want to make sure the iron-on goes on smoothly.
  2. Layout the iron-ons where you want them. I got the idea for the layout of mine fromthis shirt on etsy. Anything goes, ask a friend or neighbor for an opinion if you need ideas. You can always pin them on and try it on in the mirror to see what you think.
  3. Iron them on. Use high heat, no steam and let the iron set on top of it for 10-15 seconds for each part of it. (Double check the directions on your iron-on before you actually iron it on though!)

That’s it! Now you can go show off your “new” skirt, thanks for checking it out!

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