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Instagram Photo Wall

I love taking photos with my iPhone and am completely obsessed with Instagram.
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I often go through my feed (or my Facebook page) to look at them over and over because the images are among my most treasured photos.

Here’s a great idea for your home from Kevin Hail—an Instagram Photo Wall. Check out his advice on creating your photo wall here (be sure and read through the comments too).

I have just the spot for this in my entryway.


Printing and Framing Your Instagram Photos

Printing and Framing Your Instagram Photos

I have a few Instagram shots that make me feel like an artiste. I've been saving a perfect place on my wall for them. If you've got some favorites you've been waiting to do something with, here are some quick tips to print and frame an Instagram gallery of your own.

Fabric On Your Walls

Although my heart says “Anthropologie!”, my budget says “make it yourself, and cheap.” And so I turn to my trusty friend – fabric, to make my walls smile.