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I Miss the Farmers Market

I’m firmly rooted in the “buy local” and “go organic” camp, but people, it’s practically WINTER here. Mama needs to bridge the seasonal snack-gap.
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Two weeks ago I attended the final week of the Downtown Farmers Market in Salt Lake City. I bid farewell to my favorite baker (Crumb Brothers), organic berry farmer and local organic grocer (Liberty Heights Fresh...although they have a store, so it wasn’t so much a “farewell” as much as a “see you later, in a different part of town”) for the winter.

I’m firmly rooted in the “buy local” and “go organic whenever possible” camp, but people, it’s practically WINTER here. Mama needs to bridge the seasonal snack-gap.

I have one of THOSE kids. The one who will happily hoover a pint of blueberries, but has to be coaxed by Grandma into trying her first lollypop. Don’t misunderstand...I’m not bragging, in fact, I’m a bit regretful that I didn’t encourage more...ah...variety, because this little kid is PICKY. When a plethora of fruit is in season, we are SET, but when the local farm stands and markets pack up, we’re left eyeballing some sketchy looking fruit at the big box store - both fresh and of the pre-packaged variety.

I want to be all go with the flow, but preservatives and artificial stuff gives me the willies (I blame and thank this book). I also want something that travels well since cooler weather means that we’re more “on the go”, trading afternoons in the backyard for the museum and aquarium.

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After writing all that, I’m realizing that my daughter comes by her pickiness point is that the organic offerings from Revolution Foods (Mashups) and Plum Organics (mish mash) have been a dream come true. Organic, portable, toddler-friendly and delicious. I am not afraid to admit that I have enjoyed a serving or two myself (Berry and Peach are my favorites).

The Jammy Sammy from Revolution Foods is also a lifesaver for when you are in a rush, stuck in the car, or sending the kiddo to Grandpa’s and don’t want him to let her eat her weight in cheese.

The bottom line: organic foods are awesome for a wide variety of reasons, but being a fresh food family means that you have to be on your A-game. It took me awhile before I got down the knack of meal-planning so food didn’t spoil before I could use it. Having a kid added some additional challenges so finding a product that I could keep on hand and toss in a diaper bag at the last minute has been great.


Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post - My love for a good farmers market comes in just behind the love I have for my actual loved ones. Revolution Foods and Plum Organics sent me some samples, we enjoyed them and felt compelled to share. And by “felt compelled”, I mean that when I tried these goodies, I was motivated by my own brain and organic fanaticism...not by arm twisting or pocket lining. Cool?



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