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I Have a Secret "Pep Talk" Pinterest Board and So Should You

Start your day with a little dose of PEP. No really. It's super great and you will love it too.
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The internet is overflowing with suggestions about how to start your day or end your day or take a break from your day or mediate during the day so that you will have a better day/week/life.

You know I’m right.

I read every one of these articles. I have for years. Because, for crying out loud, WHO DOESN’T WANT TO HAVE A BETTER DAY?

Everyone does.

Now stick with me while I take a will be worth it.

A few weeks ago I was listening to an episode of Oprah’s Super Soul podcast (you can get the link to it here, along with the other podcast episodes I listen to when I need a pep talk) and the guest referenced using “I am” statements to project positivity into your life.

The statement “I am safe” can help ease anxiety or “I am a problem solver, I am kind, I am loved.” can be a great way to send a kiddo to school in the morning (this is our pre-bus stop “repeat after mom” exercise—I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.)

This got me to thinking.

I could marry my intense desire to start and end my days on a positive note with what I know of the power of an “I am” I began the search.

A search for the peppiest, sunniest, most positive quotes I could find on Pinterest.

At first I thought I’d just go ahead and toss them into my already robust “I Agree” quote board, but here’s the thing with quotes that you love...especially if you’ve found yourself in a challenging situation...many of those positive quotes are tinged with hardship.

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Here’s what I mean…

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It’s a good one, NO QUESTION. It’s inspiring and raw and will do an absolutely phenomenal job of dragging you out of your own personal hell and propelling you to action.

But that can call up references to your tough times alongside the inspiration, and maybe make you cry, so sometimes you just need some words to high-five your spirit, pat you on the tush, and send you off with a “GO GET ‘EM, TIGER!”

Exhibit A:

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See what I mean?

That's a screenshot from my very own Pep Talk Pinterest board. I used to have it set to "secret"—meaning no one but me could see it, but I made it public in case you want to start your own. No need to hunt down your own "You got this babe!" image. ;)

Cruising through those bright and encouraging images does my little heart A WORLD OF GOOD when I’m getting ready to tackle the day.

What’s your favorite pep-talk?


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