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I Hate Fireworks!

I can't stand the constant fireworks; it's noisy, smoky, and LOUD every night for weeks!
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Summer Safety Tips for Kids - Fireworks from Afar

I hate fireworks. Mostly.

I love to go to the big fireworks spectacular in my town where there's a huge display put on every 4th of July. It's great! Loud, booming, beautiful, chest-pounding, and only 20 minutes long. The big spectacular starts about 10pm and ends around 10:20pm. Bam. Boom. Done. Perfect.

I can't stand the constant fireworks by neighbors and people who insist on literally setting fire to thousands of dollars of products. It goes on before the 4th, on the 4th, after the 4th, and into the end of July (thanks to a state holiday that also promotes fireworks.) It's noisy, smoky, and LOUD every night for weeks!

I have a one-year-old that is already plenty hard to keep asleep. I have kids who bolt out of bed to try to catch a glimpse of some explosion or another. And it's jarring! I get super jumpy at all the noises; it's unnerving!

We live in a western state that has put a bunch of restrictions on fireworks because they can cause wildfires. If the noise isn't enough, now fireworks are responsible for burning 10s of thousands of acres, spilling ash on our houses and cars, and clogging our air. Oh, and burning houses. Lots of houses.

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I've already decided that if I see anyone breaking fireworks restrictions, I'll be calling the police. Narc central.

What is the point of fireworks, anyway? Is making something go whizz-pop-bang more important than the safety of our homes and the lives of our families? Also, they're LOUD and they wake up my baby.

I hate fireworks, and I know I'm not the only one.

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