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I Guess This Means No More Donuts

How to begin? Maybe with something about my workout habits or eating habits since I’ll be blogging under the “Health and Fitness” subject.
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The first post is always so tough, don’t you think Momma Bloggers? I can’t just get into what I want to say. I have to tell you a little about myself. Maybe say something about my workout habits or eating habits since I’ll be blogging under the “Health and Fitness” subject.

OK, so I’ll start with food. I really enjoy food. There’s this bakery down the street from our home and the stuff that’s baked makes my mouth water just writing about it. Also, I know that if my girls and I go there in mid-afternoon when it’s quiet, we are bound to get something for free. (My daughters are extremely cute, and I use them to my advantage to get free donuts. I’ve tried to go without them, and have always had to fork over money for my indulgences.)


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