I Did Not Want Children

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A great read from our very own Carina! I just stumbled upon this in her archives and felt it needed to be pulled out of the dust of 2011. Read her full post HERE.

I Did Not Want  Children



Mom Confession: "I Wanted a Girl!"

One moms tells why proclaiming "as long as he/she is healthy" wasn't entirely the whole truth during her pregnancy, and cuts others some slack for knowing which gender they're hoping for.


10 Ways I Battled My New Mom Anxiety

Anxiety is no joke. The amount of times per week that I have to talk myself back down from a panic cannot be counted on one hand, let alone two. Everything about motherhood is extra.

Elisabeth Williams

Dreaming of Children

When a medical prognosis disrupted Elisabeth Williams’s dreams of motherhood she decided to focus her education, love and attention into working with children in need. Read more about Elisabeth’s work with abused and neglected kids and her next big dream – becoming a mom herself.