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Husband Working from Home Trade Off

Like most of you, I have a husband who is a hard worker.
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He leaves the house at 5:30 every morning, not to return until 5:00 or later.  He works an hour from home, and is in constant commute to and from.  On top of that, he has to work every 3rd Sunday.  Needless to say, when he is home, he is exhausted.  It’s hard…

That’s why when he told me he would start working from home I was a little excited.  At first, anyway.  But having him work from home meant that he would take over the office completely.  It also meant that he would be able to spend more time with the kids.  The time I would like to spend with them.  Also, he would have some down time and be able to relax more often.  Something I am in dire need of.  It wasn’t fair, and I was a little jealous.

So what made me change my mind about the unwelcomed news?  Easy.  When he was leaving at 5:30 every morning, I was left getting breakfast together, kids up, kids dressed, and kids ready to rush out the door.  All this on top of me getting myself together.  Now that he is home, I get a little more sleep every morning.  He helps get the kids ready and fed, and I sit back and take care of myself.  Every morning!  That’s a pretty good trade off.  I get the extra help I need, and he gets the extra freedom.  I even get a tiny little desk in the office for my computer and work.  I don’t complain any more.  It’s even pretty nice to come home and have the dishes washed!

***Please note that I do still help get the kids put together everyday.  If I didn’t, they would get some awfully strange looks due to their fashion choices.

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