Hunger Games Inspired Jewelry

I’m talking about straight-up, dead-sexy jewelry that pays homage to our girl Katniss.
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Yes. I said Hunger Games Inspired Jewelry.

No. I’m not talking about “Team Peeta” scrabble tile necklaces.

I’m talking about straight-up, dead-sexy jewelry that pays homage to our girl Katniss.

Even if you’ve only caught The Hunger Games preview once or twice, I bet you’ve got an inkling that the movie’s heroine is fairly handy with a bow and arrow.

So, because I want to plant my flag as a Hunger Games Geek in style (no offense to the dozens of “Mellark Bakery” t-shirts on Cafe Press) I have rounded up a lovely pile of jewelry picks that I’m sure Katniss would like.

If, you know, Katniss had time to shop for baubles between fighting for her life and navigating that pesky love triangle.

Arrow Rings

Arrow Ring Collage

1) Copper, dipped in enamel via Etsy $24. 2) Silver Signet via Etsy $148. 3) Hammered Brass Band via Etsy $19.50. 4) Rose Gold via Barneys $650

Arrow Bracelets

Arrow Bracelet Collage

1) Silver Bangle via Etsy $30. 2) Gold House of Harlow Cuff $225. 3) Silver via Etsy $40.

Arrow Necklaces

Arrow Necklace Collage

1) Silver Triple Arrow via Etsy $100. 2) Gold via Stella & Dot $49. 3) Silver via Etsy $54.

A few other shiny pieces to add to your collection:

"Real or Not Real?"

real or not real jewelry

Copper Mockingjay Bracelet

mockingjay bracelet

Mockingjay necklace with arrow and pearl

katniss bow and arrow

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