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How to Stop Shopping: Curbing Spending Habits

I am the first to admit that I have a shopping problem, and I have been trying to quit.
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It’s hard but I think I am finally getting somewhere. I needed to stop shopping because I was spending too much money, I was buying stuff we didn’t need and because it became more of an impulse for when anything went wrong in my life. These are all ideas I have used or I am trying to still use to quit.

Don’t go into stores

Don’t go into the store for one thing when you know you will come out with twenty items. If you need just one thing find it online or figure out a way to do without it. Sometimes it would even work to ask someone else to pick it up while they are there for something else. Do whatever you can to keep yourself from physically walking into the store.

Don’t browse the store

If you do have to go in for that one item walk straight to where it is and straight to the register. There are lots of temptations along the way but if you try to make sure not to wander off you will end up with less in your cart. The same goes for online stores, you don’t need to go to an online store if you can help it, and if you do get the items on your list and get out of there. It helps to keep away from online stores by unsubscribing from their emails.

Go grocery shopping as little as possible

We have a small family, but I tend to shop at the bulk foods stores so that I can buy everything at once and not have to go back. I try to work on my grocery lists and stock up the extra freezer and the pantry so that I’m not running to the store all the time. It gets me into the same trouble of picking up random stuff that I don’t need. If I at the least buy all of my non-perishables once or twice a month then the weekly trips I can just go to the produce and dairy sections of the grocery store and not make too many stops.

Have an on-going shopping cart or wishlist online

I shop amazon quite a bit. I have the amazon prime so that I can get diapers delivered to my house and most everything else I want to buy comes with free two day shipping. For most things that I want I look at them online or shop when I need the relaxation of it, and don’t click buy until it has been in my cart for a few days or so. That makes sure that I really need it or want it and that I won’t be collecting something else that I don’t need or have a place for.

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Don’t buy anything for “someday”

Don’t buy anything you don’t have a place for. Save the money and buy it “someday” or for when you have the place for it. Craft supplies is my weakness, but I have been trying to get to where I won’t buy any materials unless I have a plan for them and I am going to use them within the week. Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you should buy it. This is something I have to tell myself over and over.

Research products before buying them

There are lots of options of things to buy, you may as well pick the best product for your money. This will help you think about what your buying to make sure that you really want it as well as make sure that when you get it you will be happy with it for a long time. It will also help you find the best price for whatever you do end up buying.

Clean your house

Or do whatever reminds you of why you are trying to stop shopping or declutter. I don’t know about anyone else but every time I clean my house I’m mad at myself for having so much stuff. I hate having to clean it all up.

Watch Hoarders

When watching hoarders remind yourself that you don’t want to get to that point. It will be easier not to get there if you stop the bleeding now.

De-stress another way

Anyone have any suggestions for this? In the winter I like to go outside with a hot cup of tea but in the summer I’m not much of a tea drinker. I also spend time on pinterest in the humor section, or watching some of my favorite tv shows.

Find new hobbies or recreation

For my family we had gotten to where we would go shopping or go to the mall instead of any other kind of recreation. If you find something else to do as a family or for yourself instead of shopping it can help you with your spending and collecting. The new hobbies don’t have to be pricey. Make a list of ideas any time you think of something or when you are driving by somewhere and say “I have always wanted to go check that out” and go do things. Memories of outings are going to be much better than memories of buying stuff.

Go see a therapist

If your shopping sprees are caused by stress or other issues it might be time to go see someone about it and work on the problems with a professional. Shopping may not be as bad of a habit as some but if you need the help, go get it.


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