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Tech Tip of the Week - Back It Up

It has happened to you or someone you know. Computers die. Phones get dropped in the tub. Lightning strikes. All your data is gone.

What's your current back up strategy? Using an external hard drive? Uploading your photos to Facebook? Sign up for an online backup service and you'll save yourself years of future regret. Why?

50 percent

Because having someone else save your data, photos and videos for you, automatically, just might save you some vacation days. How much are those first day of school pictures worth? What about that last upload from your camera?

How to choose?  Carbonite, Dropbox, MOZY, and SOS Online Backup are just a few providers. Compare individual device plans to household plans. Do you need an easy interface? Do you really want Unlimited storage? Check out for what's important when buying an online backup service.

When I see your Facebook pictures from your three-week vacation to St. Thomas, I'll know your baby photos and vacation pics are both safe.

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No company has paid for this post and it's my own fault if I lose data because I'm too lazy to back it up. See for the survey data source.


Wait a Minute: Back up!

You know you should, and yet, you don't. No, I'm not talking about essential fatty acids, I'm talking about backing up your data.