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How to Get Rid of the Pacifier

My daughter was a pacifier JUNKIE, so how did we ditch the pacifier?

My daughter was a pacifier JUNKIE. It really solved just about any problem for her. She loved having one in the car, and when it came to going to bed, she liked having three. One in her mouth and one for each hand. Die hard.

Head of the "I Love My Binkie" Fan Club

President of the "I Love My Binky" Fan Club

I wasn't too thrilled to get rid of it. She was two, and I could tell we were nearing the end, but it just made her feel so...relaxed. She didn't have a bear or a blanket or anything else special for bed, just her binky. Our pediatrician told me not to worry about it until after my son was born, but I was starting to gear up for the removal process. Here are some of the different concepts I played around with...

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The pacifier obsession ended unexpectedly for us when our adventurous President of the Binky Fan Club leapt from her crib in an effort to shorten her nap time, resulting in a slashing of her lip that required emergency plastic surgery. Stitches from the inside of her mouth up to her nose made for an instant no binky night, and we never looked back. Not exactly the cold turkey I had in mind, but it did take care of it.

How did you ditch the pacifier?