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How to Amend Your Soil

Here's a great lesson from TLC Home on how to amend your soil.

Since Carina's working on her front yard, I decided it's time my own yard got some attention. Guess where I got stuck? In the big pile of clay that is otherwise known as my backyard. Here's a great lesson from TLC Home on how to amend your soil.

Suffocated Peas

How do you fix clay-heavy soil? You might think that just adding sand will fix it. Nope.

Sand + Clay = Cement

Peach Tree

Apparently, I planted my new semi-dwarf Elberta Peach tree in a cement bucket. Death by root suffocation. This also may explain why my peas and carrots have had a hard time fighting their way to the sun. At least I know what I need to put on my birthday list - A truckload of manure, composted that is.

I'll be fixing my dirt this weekend (and presumably for the next few years). What's your biggest garden challenge?

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