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How Many Days Until Christmas?

Are you already feeling the spirit? Or do you want to knock out that plastic snowman in Costco?
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How many days until Christmas you may be wondering? As I write this, we have 45 days to go. I'll spare you the hours and minutes, but just know that they are ticking down.

While I'm sure it will fly by, to me, 45 days feels like a long time. I've bought a few Christmas presents to tuck away, but I'm just not quite there yet. I still have a pumpkin on my front porch, and I'm busy thinking about what to bring to Thanksgiving.

The retailers aren't agreeing with me. It feels like it's impossible to go anywhere right now without being bombarded by everything holiday. Walk into Costco and you're greeted by a six foot tall plastic snowman, flanked by pre-lit Christmas trees. Head towards the back of Target for some new juice boxes and prepare to get hit with aisles or ornaments and Christmas lights. All of this retail exposure has resulted in my three year old thinking that Christmas will be happening in the next five minutes. A MONTH AGO she dug out her Santa jammies and has been wearing them virtually every night. She is READY. And I'm blaming it all on Costco.

I understand the importance of the "holiday dollar" to the retail industry, but rolling it out at the end of October? I swear, if I turn on the radio and hear Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas is You", I might scream.

I love the holidays, and I'm not a scooge, BUT is it too much to ask for to enjoy the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday without feeling like we're glossing over it all in a rush to get to Christmas day?

What do you think about the retailers rolling out Christmas so early? Should I start a paper chain Christmas countdown and embrace it or can I ignore it until after Thanksgiving?

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