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How I Lost My Favorite Job

It all started with a big brown box that showed up on my doorstep. The problem is that my husband got to it before I did.

But wait. I should probably tell you what my favorite job is. And to be clear it’s my favorite job around the house. I love to vacuum. It’s instant gratification. Best day of the year? The day you take the Christmas tree down – because vacuuming up those pine needles is nothing short of awesome.

Well, as you can probably guess there was a vacuum in that big brown box. I had been asked to review the Electrolux Nimble vacuum. How fun can reviewing a vacuum be? Well, my husband had a great time.

Electrolux Nimble

He started unwrapping it and I started to hear him yelling things. Many of the things he said, I don’t totally understand. And I never knew he had such passion for vacuums.

  • It looks European!
  • There’s no bag! This thing is bagless!
  • Check out this HEPA filter . . .
  • LOOK at the blind cleaner attachment! (He almost shrieked like a girl)
  • Let’s go “Nimble” some s*#!

So we proceeded to take the vacuum upstairs and yell “NIMBLE IT” as we vacuumed things. More of what I witnessed:

  • Oh what’s that? You’d like me to Nimble that for you?
  • It’s time to Nimble It!
  • And if you saw the episode of “The Office” where they run into the office yelling “Parkour” and bouncing off of things. Well, that’s basically how we seemed to be running around our house with the vacuum yelling “Nimble It!”
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Once we’d “Nimbled” the house I figured I’d sit down and interview Mark about his experience. Here are his comments:

(and prepare yourself, he sounds like an infomercial – but at the time he really didn’t realize I was suppose to review this machine. These are direct quotes. And yes, apparently, my family really is this nerdy.)

  • Whoever engineered that machine is a genius!
  • I thought “nimble” was going to be a gimmick. It’s not. That machine is really nimble.
  • I keep waiting for something to be complicated and it’s not.
  • This is a quality machine. And I know quality. (apparently he was a vacuum reviewer in another life)
  • It sucks up A LOT
  • Believe it or not, I love the hose that’s on the machine. It’s not a P.O.S.
  • I love the LED lights.
  • I can see the junk it’s picking up.
  • I do like the wand, but I’d also like more attachments.
  • You don’t have to adjust anything for the floor setting height.
  • I love the sound.
  • The bare floor setting rocks and the soft rubber wheels . . . they’re awesome.
  • It truly does feel nimble. It maneuvers into awkward corners better than you’d think.
  • I was able to “Nimble It”

Well, now that you know the vacuum isn’t a “P.O.S.” here are my actual thoughts on the machine:

  • I’m easily confused by mechanical technology. True Confession: I’ve never changed a vacuum bag in my life. Not once. So I was a huge fan of the bagless system.
  • I feel like the vacuum releases some kind of new car smell that I’m obsessed with.
  • I was ashamed of how much it sucked up out of my carpets the first go around.
  • It really does maneuver very smoothly. As my husband would say “Come on Rach! Finesse that! Nimble it!”
  • I loved that it had a blind cleaning attachment. I couldn’t seem to get the right angles on my blinds with it. I was either doing it wrong, or I needed the attachment to be more nimble.
  • We later discovered that I was indeed doing it wrong. What we thought was a blind cleaner attachment was actually the “3 in 1 Versatool” which was actually even cooler and made more sense. It folds up and turns into a crevice, corner or stair attachment.
  • Note to Electrolux and all vacuum makers everywhere . . .would a blind cleaning tool/attachment not be awesome? Think about your dusty wooden shutters!
  • The HEPA filter is washable – which is cool because you don’t have to worry about finding and buying replacements
  • It really is such a simple machine to use. Switching modes and attachments is super quick and easy. It’s kind of like the iPhone of vacuums. It’s pretty intuitive.

Did I really just write a post that long about a vacuum? Yes I did. And yes, my husband and kids have taken my favorite job away from me, because they have all ready “nimbled it” before I can get there.

The hard core details:

  • Price: $299
  • Colors: Graphite and Vivid Green
  • Available at Lowes
  • More information here.


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