How do you find time to read?

Few activities are as relaxing and restorative as reading. Too bad that the relative peace and quiet required for really enjoyable reading is often hard to come by for a busy mom. Tell us - how do you find time to read?
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Take Note: This is How You Thank a Mom

I’m a sucker for seeing sweet treatment heaped on moms. Because once you become a mother you know that the small things, like...oh, getting a toddler to put on some pants, can be a wee bit taxing.


Best Summer Reading Sites for Kids

Bethany Hardy: Going to the library with a 3 year old is a feat for only the bravest of soldiers.  For the first, say, two minutes, things are just peachy.  Then all hell breaks loose.

What is on your summer reading list?

It’s time to start prepping YOUR summer relaxation kit. It’s great that you’ve stocked up on Otter Pops and bubbles for the kiddos, but do yourself a favor and consider what books you want to dig into this summer. Come share your favorite summer reads. Come Connect.