Homemade Confetti Launcher – A Firework Alternative

It’s almost time for fireworks! I love fireworks! Anywhere, anytime.
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In the park, the neighborhood parade, while listening to the symphony, at Disneyland and even in my own back yard.

Then, I became a mom.  As a mother of small children, I’ve come to HATE them (yes, I used the “h” word).

Loud. Scary. Dangerous.  Sparklers in your baby’s face. No, thank you. It is pure torture to drag the kids to the park if the fireworks are in hearing range.  What to do?

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Here’s my favorite firework alternative – A homemade confetti launcher!   Grab some PVC and a old valve and you’ll be launching confetti in no time.  Full tutorial here on Instructables.  This launcher has enough power to send the die-cut, shiny confetti pieces into the sky.

Lacking in PVC skills? You can also try this low-tech version we created after the we tried tissue paper squares.

  1. Fill a bowl with tissue paper snips.
  2. Give your kids a straw.
  3. Let them blow all the tissue out.
  4. Gather.
  5. Repeat.

Add John Phillips Sousa in the background and you’re ready for the 4th of July!



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