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9 Holiday Slow Cooker Recipes

Don't spend your entire holiday sweating it out in your kitchen! Let the slow cooker work some magic!
9 Holiday Slow Cooker Recipes

Ahhh the holidays. You might start off your planning early and have that turkey sitting in the freezer while you spend your time longingly gazing and planning how this is the year that you will be able to create perfect table settings just like in the Williams-Sonoma catalog.

But then the holidays arrive and your oven breaks and your cousin decides to bring the girl that he met two hours ago and your baby has the croup and there are 19 people standing in your galley kitchen. And then you burn yourself while they all stand and watch with growling stomachs. How's that for a little holiday cheer? It COULD happen.

How about your slow cooker? It's not just for fall soups and hearty stews. Pull it out during the holidays and actually sit down and enjoy that Dill Havarti in Puffed Pastry that you lovingly created. Sit and talk to your family. Let your house smell good without actually doing anything. Leave your pots and pans in the cabinet. Keep reading for 9 Holiday Slow Cooker Recipes and be the hostess with the cleanest kitchen around.


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Slow Cooker Chorizo, Pecan and Cheddar Stuffing from Betty Crocker

Orange Sweet Potatoes with Bacon Recipe from Better Homes and Gardens

Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes from Baked by Rachel

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