Holiday Gift Guide: For Kids

You won't find anything flashy, noisy, or requiring batteries on this list.
Todaysmama staff picks

We're back with your best gift guide for kids this holiday season! Our staff has picked out our favorite ideas and unique finds to share with you. You won't find anything flashy, noisy, or requiring batteries on this list. It's not that we don't love tech gifts (because we DO,) it's just that this year feels like back-to-basics and imagination building. When kids use their imaginations they're developing problem solving skills that will help them as adults. And let's be honest, we were running out of the amount of ibuprofen needed to deal with noisy plastic toy hell.

I could not be more excited to gift my kids this block and marble set from Tedco for Christmas this year. I remember playing with marble runs as a child and the hours of fun we had. I'll always prefer toys that can become many things instead of just a single toy. Do your kids have a special place that they can escape to? Carving some space inside an existing room gives your kid space to build their imaginations. Here are 25 play tent ideas that you could buy or DIY.

blocks and marbles set

And how about a super hero fort? Inexpensive to assemble and leaves lots of room for creativity! A gift you can feel super about. A great idea from Meg and Andy Made.

play tent

Are your kids transitioning out of full time Lego play? Maybe it's time to immortalize those mini figures in a shadow box to display.

super hero fort kit
framed lego figures

Rachael says, "My kids are obsessed with passports. They are constantly making their own. This gift might even be a little more for me than them!" If you've got would-be world travelers on your hands, why not pick up the Little Explorer kit from Little Passports? They come with activities, letters, and a monthly missive from countries around the world.


We're digging these SpiritHoods, they reminds us a little of Where the Wild Things Are for some endearing reason. Don't worry - they're faux fur (in case you worried . . . I didn't.) They even have a line of Muppets characters! They are a little pricey ($79-99 a piece) but still a unique find.

(Don't you just feel like the ceiling is hanging with vines and the walls are becoming the world all around?)

grey wolf hood

And speaking of books, you can't go wrong with the classics:

borrowers box set

The Borrowers

The Boxcar Children

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing + Superfudge

Pick up a box set of the books that you loved as a child to pass on to your kids.

What are your favorite picks for kid presents this year?

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