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Holiday Decorating on a Budget

Say goodbye to the stress of decorating your home with these ideas for holiday decorating on a budget.

There's something special about getting the family together and decorating the house for the holidays. But it can also get stressful. Not to fear - I'm here to help. The first and easiest step is to access what you need. And then use free online coupons from to help you save cash on your holiday home decorating crafts!

These free coupons are all a cinch to use - just pick your merchant, choose your coupon, and click to save. And if you have any questions about the process, our friendly reps can help you through it! Say goodbye to the stress of decorating your home with these ideas for holiday decorating on a budget.


When looking for inexpensive holiday decorating ideas, start with items in your own home. Anything shiny can be turned into a decoration with a few little tweaks. I love using CDs as ornaments, especially with that super-shiny side. Hammer a hole into the top and loop a string through. These are best near the top of the tree if you have pets. Trust me.

For Crafty Types

Try homemade holiday decoration if you're crafty! For something the little ones can do, roll up tin foil and fold over the top for instant icicles. The older kids can create cardboard gingerbread people by tracing the shape out of a cookie cutter. Use crayons and beads to add fun features.

Save on all utensils to create your masterpieces by using these coupons:

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One of the most traditional ideas when it comes to budget holiday decorating is the popcorn garland. Air-pop some corn and string pieces onto thread. To add some color, try intermixing cranberries. Sometimes it helps if the popcorn is a little stale.

For Not-So-Crafty Types

If you're not good with craft projects, I've got a special coupon for you too. Redeem BuyCostumes coupons to get 10% off orders of $50 or more on decorations, party kits, balloons, accessories and other holiday decorating supplies!

Holiday decorating on a budget is easy once you know where to start. Keep an eye out for shiny and colorful items and let your imagination run wild!



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