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Hobby Town RC Car Races

My first experience with RC cars was the inexpensive one I gave my husband our first Christmas together.
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I quickly had second thoughts about that gift when I realized most of his fun came from chasing me with it. My step-dad is into grown up RC cars. These puppies require more of an investment and there are local races for enthusiasts.

We met such a group in the parking lot in front of Hobby Town at Gilbert and Southern in Mesa. The “track” is a blocked off section of the parking lot; the layout changed between several of the events. Don’t let these fancy cars fool you, kids both young and young at heart whiz their cars around the track in 15 to 20 different heats, with classes that include late model, touring, beginner and intermediate.

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This fun event takes place every Saturday night, starting at 5:00pm and usually going way pass my bedtime. Races start earlier in the winter months. It’s great entertainment watching the cars fly down the straight a ways and skidding around the corners; often flipping over. Spectators enjoy this fast lane show for a bargain price, free as a matter of fact. Not only did I enjoy the race action, it was a nice family crowd. My only warning: beware of those friendly racers who invite you to give it a try, you just might get hooked.

If you decide to buy an RC car, or if you already have one and want to race other enthusiasts, the entry fee is a low $5 per event with first place earning six Hobby Bucks to be used right there at Hobby Town for goodies to further trick out your RC car.

So grab the kids and your husband and head to the races – the RC races!


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