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Hit Me With your Best Shot

It started as a regular day. Wake-up the girls, get dressed, eat breakfast, take girls to school.
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Somewhere mid “get dressed” my husband stopped me and said, “You have been looking really sexy lately. Good job!” I tried to shrug off the compliment and awkwardly said thank you. You see, I have been working really hard and spent money on myself to lose some very unwanted weight. All of my effort and hard work is paying off. I am ecstatic by the results, however, my mind is struggling with changing it’s point of view.

While driving the girls to preschool, the song Hit Me With Your Best Shot came on. As I listened to it, I thought of my husband’s compliment that morning and my inability to properly accept it. At first I kept thinking “what is wrong with me?!” but then I realized that was my problem. Nothing is wrong with me! My inner dialogue needs an overhaul. As I continued listening to this song, I rolled down my windows, turned up the music and told all my negative thoughts to “Hit me with your best shot! Fire away!” It felt liberating to sing loud and let the cool wind blow my hair in all directions. I actually felt the negative thoughts and inner commentary leave me as I belted out those words.

As a wise woman once said, “I can do hard things.” Whether it be raising a family, keeping a marriage alive, losing weight or believing in myself, I can do it! There is no reason for shame or embarrassment. There is no room for thoughts of doubt or unworthiness. I AM worth it and I CAN do hard things! Today I am going to make a change by replacing those negative thoughts with positive thoughts. I am going to list all the reasons why I am worthy of all that I have. I am going to BELIEVE the good things about myself and let go of the feelings of inadequacy and self doubt.

Join me ladies! Let’s change our inner dialogues and belt out “Hit me with your best shot” to all that is around us that causes us to feel less. And remember, you too can do hard things.


Mini Me

I have always been fascinated with photos from my childhood. The blonde haired, cheeky faced girl with the sturdy thighs (‘big Buddha’ is what my husband will tell you – I prefer the term ‘healthy’) fascinates me.

Taking Time Out For Me

What’s a mother to do when you’re kids are screaming and crying, your husband is at work, you’re trying to cook breakfast, and you have yet to change out of your pj’s and comb your hair? Run away and wait for the storm to pass?