Hershey Park Happy! New Glow Coaster and More Reasons to Visit This Summer

Hershey Park Happy! New Glow Coaster and More Reasons to Visit This Summer
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Nothing says summer vacation like a family road trip to Hershey Park for thrill rides on 13 coasters and of course, chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. We just spent three fun days in Hershey and according to my kids, it’s not only the sweetest place on earth (Hershey’s motto) but “one of the best trips EVER!!”

What’s New at Hershey Park:

Laff Trakk. The 13th coaster at Hershey!  Hershey’s brand new indoor spinning glow coaster can be spotted in the building down near their water park area and the Ferris Wheel. At night, you can’t miss it, as the building itself even is glowing! Wait time for this ride was the longest in the park but the kids didn’t mind. Nor did anyone on the line apparently since it was packed all day and I saw many smiling faces emerging.  My kids summed it up with just two words, ” SOOO FUN!!!  It’s a very cool ride, different than other coasters and they loved when they going backwards for some reason.  All in all, two thumbs up!

*TIP- Get the Hershey APP on your phone and be sure to check wait times or even set wait time alerts. VERY handy!

Here’s the kids goofin’ it up for you!

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Moe’s (Mexican food) – This is the first time they have ever had presence inside an amusement park, and we all know Moe’s is YUMMY!  This was my choice for dinner one night and it hit the spot.

The Outpost – This is an allergy and gluten free food stand. Everything is made to custom order. Many people with allergies face challenges finding good meals when visiting theme parks, so this is a perfect addition.

Makin’ Whoopie Pies – As someone told me these are ” life changing whoopie pies,” made locally and delicious! You can customize each one with different cake and filling flavors. Shall we drool now?

Hershey Park really has something for everyone, from the little ones to teens and adults. The roller coasters were the main appeal for my 12 and 14 year olds, of course, but even some of them were fine for my eight year old. And when he wasn’t on them, we found plenty to do together from the relaxing monorail, the antique cars, the carousel  and many “flying” fun rides as well as the Boardwalk and water attractions.

Be sure to bring in a bag, grab a locker and have your bathing suit and towels with you because The Boardwalk is awesome!

It’s really got that beachy boardwalk feel as you enter and though the wave pool and lazy river are a great way to chill out and relax and cool off on a hot summer day, nothing says WATER like their HUGE structure called EAST COAST WATER WORKS. Even I could spend a good hour or more in there, heading down various slides and just climbing under, over and around cannons, blasters, dumping buckets and every type or water shooter you can imagine. It’s the perfect way to cool off and take a few hour break from the rides before heading back into the main park area. The Boardwalk closes before the park does anyway, so you can head back and spend the last few hours as the sun goes down, on the rides as they all light up, a most magical time at theme parks, wouldn’t you say?

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*TIP– Don’t miss the KISSING TOWER at night. There’s rarely a long line and it’s an AMAZING view of the park with everything lit up! It’s great in the day too, of course.

If your kids love water, make sure to head over to Tidal Force the large water ride, which is one of the tallest splash down rides in the world, so they can stand and watch the HUGE waves splash and soak the “innocent” bystanders.  I’m betting it’s almost as much fun as the ride itself. But not quite. So be sure to head on it to cool off. It’s a must for thrill seekers like my three who always come off wet and laughing!

There’s a great log flume ride too, which tends to be very quiet at the very end of the night, so my kids went on it about four times in a row the last few times we were at the park. No wait. And no soaking bodies to head into the car with. But tons of fun!

My favorite ride (because I’m not a thrill seeker) is the fun Reese’s Extreme Cup Challenge. The line doesn’t get too long and it’s a great place to hang out if it rains or you need to head indoors! Chocolate vs. Peanut Butter lovers get to shoot at targets with laser guns from their cars which head through a series of turns and sections. VERY FUN for all ages!

Hershey Park is big and there’s a TON to see and do. Plan on spending the full daythere if you can. School age children can handle it, though if you’re traveling with toddlers, you may want to call it quits by 4 or 5 p.m.

If you have little ones, be on the look out for the characters, like giant Hershey bars and kisses roaming the park or at designated spots. there’s also character dining available by reservation.

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*TIP  Take advantage of savings and maximize your trip. Hershey really needs at least a day plus a night to experience it all.  Take advantage of the preview the night before your ticket date where you can enter a few hours early. Or buy a sunset admission. Better yet, buy the 2 or 3 day admission plan to save even more. We’ve found 2 days even better so we don’t have to rush to cram it all in. You can see all the summer ticket plans here 

We absolutely LOVED visiting THE SWEETEST PLACE ON EARTH and plan to go back annually for our dose of Hershey Park Happy!

Stay at the Hershey Lodge for more advantages like a free shuttle to the park, special hours, tickets to the Hershey Gardens and the Hershey Story Museum plus many amenities and activities  to make your trip even more memorable.

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* Disclosure: Hershey generously provided us with admission to the park for this review for my readers.