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Here's The Question You Really Need To Ask When You Are Buying New Tires

VIDEO: Don’t be fooled by my perfectly executed Tokyo drift. I am not a professional race car driver.
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When I buy tires I ask things like:

  • How many miles will they get?
  • How do they do in the rain and snow?
  • What's the warranty like?
  • Are there any sales or promotions right now?

When it comes to performance, most reviews and ratings focus on how NEW tires perform. But guess what? Everyone in your car is still just as valuable and important as they were the day you got those new tires put on your vehicle as they are the day you need those tires replaced. Their safety on the road still matters, even when your tires are worn.

So here's the question we all need to start asking:

  • How will these tires perform when they areWORN???

Erin and I had a chance to visit Michelin's Laurens Proving Grounds to drive on their test tracks. We drove on two tracks, one focused on handling and the other focused on braking. Bonus? The tracks were WET!

We could literally FEEL the different between brand new tires and worn tires in extreme conditions, and we could definitely feel the difference between the two comparable brands that we tested. Take a look:

The Truth About Worn Tires

Don’t be fooled by my perfectly executed Tokyo drift. I am not a professional race car driver, nor am I a member of the Fast and the Furious. I’m just a mom. A mom who learned A LOT about tires.

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To learn more visit:The Truth About Worn Tires

Bonus Features:

For a little extra behind the scenes action, check out our Instagram Story!

Facebook Live: The Night Before

Where we thought we might drive Nascar race cars, and figured out what a Michelin Chef really is! Did you know?!?

Facebook Live: WE DID IT!

Also known as the episode where Erin is humbled by my driving skills.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Michelin. They invited us out to their headquarters in Greenville, South Carolina. We learned all about tires, drove on their test track, and left feeling even better about the Michelin tires I all ready had on my car!


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