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Healthy Living for Mom: Treating Yourself

Erin breaks down her "weekly treat" philosophy. Turns out you can have your cake and eat it too.
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Last week I declared that I was going to knuckle down. The last several weeks have been action packed so a week at home was going to give me a shot at refocusing on my healthy living goals.

I’ve had a few people ask me about my “weekly treat” that I mentioned in this post.

“How does your weekly treat work?”

Each week I plan out my weekly treat. Or treats. Meaning, I take a look at the calendar to see what I’ve got going on (meetings, family gatherings, etc) and consider how that will impact my healthy eating goals.

Here are a few examples:

  • Wedding reception. Will I have a glass of wine and cake?
  • Birthday party. Will I have dessert?
  • Today’s Mama staff meeting. Will there be treats?
  • Friday night take out. Will I have a salad or a cheeseburger?

On certain weeks I may take a look at an event on my calendar and think, “Oh, heck YES, I’ll be having birthday cake at that party” and I’ll consider that my treat for the week.

I may also look at everything I have going on (which, to be honest, usually isn’t much) and decide that I’m craving something special and I’ll plan on baking or buying it on a specific day.

This is a pretty fulfilling way to treat myself because I look forward to whatever I have planned and that keeps me from eating a random pile of donuts just because they are available.

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Of course sometimes you have to adjust.

Your schedule may change and you may have the opportunity to indulge in something fabulous and unexpected. Or maybe someone like Rachael brings cupcakes to your meeting and then pressures you into eating one.

Cupcake decorated with lots of brightly colored candles

When that happens, enjoy your Pressure Cupcake and move your planned treat to the following week. Or don’t. Have two treats (I did). This isn’t an all or nothing gig. It’s real life and the more structured and restrictive the method, the harder it is to stick with it.


  • Starting Weight: 195.5 pounds
  • Week Four Weight: 187.5 pounds (-3.5 pounds this week / -8 pounds total)
  • Goal Weight: 165 lbs
  • Notes: I managed to hop on the treadmill this week and I did a heart-pounding run/walk combo. I’m still ouchie from it.

This week I’ll treat myself to a giant peanut butter cup cookie from Starbucks while I put my feet up and enjoy The Vampire Diaries. Although Damon should be enough of a treat. IAMRIGHT?

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