Healthy Living for Mom: The New Normal

I thought eating healthy would come naturally by now. I’ve lost 29 pounds and I guess the joke is on me because I am still very passionate about french fries.

When I decided that it was high time to lose some weight, I thought that once I accomplished this goal (or at the time of writing this post, got darn close) that eating healthy and nutritious foods would come naturally.

That after having shifted my eating habits that I would be above the cheeseburger. That I could have morphed into one of those people that thinks french fries are SO GROSS.

I’ve lost 29 pounds and I guess the joke is on me because I am still very passionate about french fries.

And cheeseburgers.

And bacon.

And cinnamon rolls.

And 600 calorie lattes.

The difference now is that instead of rolling through the In-N-Out drive thru like I wanted to, I instead feasted on this:


That’s spinach, quinoa, parmesan cheese with balsamic vinaigrette dressing. I wish I could tell you that eating this was deeply satisfying, but it just wasn’t.

It was one of those lunches that you eat because it’s time to put something in your belly and you’d really like whatever you put into your belly to not undo what you did on the treadmill the day before because you only get two, maybe three, workouts in a week.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy my fair share of the goodies I listed above. But that day when I was not enjoying my salad, I was struck with the realization that if I want to stay healthy, that this is the new normal.

Nine days out of ten, I’m happy to eat a salad or turkey sandwich for lunch. But that one day is harder. Sometimes I just get through that salad and move on with my day...and sometimes I go to Chick-fil-A.

Life without waffle fries is no life at all.


  • Starting Weight: 195.5 pounds
  • Week Twenty-Seven Weight: 166.5 pounds (-.5 pounds in the last two weeks / -29 pounds total)
  • Goal Weight: 165 lbs

I’m curious. Do you relish each and every meal you eat. Do you have a formula or a ratio of nutritious food versus indulgences? I think finding my formula is going to be the key in maintaining my loss...because never eating bacon isn’t an option.

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