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Healthy Living for Mom: The Buddy System

My husband is now officially on the bandwagon. He’s eating well, working out, and even hiding food!
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This is my week twenty Healthy Living for Mom post. Twenty weeks and I’ve finally stumbled upon what has made the biggest difference so far—the buddy system.

That’s right. Mr. Oltmanns is now officially on the bandwagon. He’s eating well, working out, and even hiding food!

Okay, I guess he’s not hiding treats in random, low-traffic spots around the house like I do, but freezing a pound of bacon because he was tempted to cook it for dinner is close enough.

He has been gradually cutting back on soda and he’s pretty much kicked his 6-pack-a-day Mt. Dew habit to the curb. Recently he’s begun training at the gym and trading breakfast of fried eggs and sausage for a hard-boiled egg and blueberries.

I’m proud of him and really happy that he’s doing something that makes him feel good but I’ve also found that his healthy pursuits have helped me stick to my goals.

Working out is a thing we do. Although not together because a.) we have kids and if they are being cared for and we have time to ourselves then we are not spending it at the gym and b.) we are not that precious.

We juggle our schedules so both of us get to workout and I no longer feel guilty about heading off to hop on the treadmill in the evening.

Since we’re both trying to lose weight, our diet has been more consistently healthy. When I was the only one trying to avoid fattening food it was easy, in a moment of weakness, to suggest pizza and know that he would be up for it.

But the best part of the buddy system is that I’ve benefited from my husband’s good habits. He doesn’t have a sweet tooth and his go-to meals are usually more healthy than mine. If I forget to thaw dinner, my easy solution is to melt cheese on the nearest carb. He’s more likely to whip up an actual meal. His chooses wisely much more often than I do.

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For example, it was my daughter’s birthday last weekend and to celebrate I promised to take her to our favorite donut shop for a “sprinkle donut”. On my way out the door, I asked my husband if he wanted one (this place has the best Apple and an Apple Fritter, come on...does life get any better?) but he was strong and said no.

I was teetering on the edge of donut heaven. All it would have taken was a little push from him and I would have come back with a giant box of goodies.

The lone birthday donut.

The lone birthday donut.

Instead, we had a reasonable breakfast like the responsible adults that we are.

Later, when our girl blew the candles on her birthday cake, I enjoyed a piece and it was wonderful. My husband passed on cake, so I ate his piece too.



  • Starting Weight: 195.5 pounds
  • Week Twenty Weight: 174 pounds ( -3 pounds / -21.5 pounds total)
  • Goal Weight: 165 lbs

Who is the healthy one at your or your spouse?


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