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Healthy Living for Mom: My Workout

Erin shares her at-home workout method.
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I’ve noticed that many of the moms at preschool drop-off are decked out in fabulous workout gear. Two hours later when we all reconvene to gather our kiddos, they are fresh from the gym...sweaty and glowy from feeling the burn.

Right now, my schedule isn’t super gym-friendly. I joined a gym in November but I haven’t managed to carve out time to go just yet.

I’m sneaking up on the gym.

All of my workouts so far have been at home. I have a treadmill in my basement and recently I’ve added a few extra exercises to my routine and I’ve noticed that the workouts seem to be burning more weight and building some muscle tone.

Treadmill Isolated

Don’t get me wrong, I could still take you out with a well-timed upper arm waddle slap. But the biceps are emerging from the soft. Progress, yo!

So I thought I would share a breakdown of my workout. For two reasons.

Because I wonder what other people do for a workout. People talk about “going to the gym”, but I want to know what they are doing and for how long. It’s easy to get into a rut.

Curiosity is a great rut-buster.

Also because I’ve lost weight with what I think is a pretty approachable workout. I’m not doing some crazy-intense program and I think that this time of year, it’s easy to get sucked into feeling like you have to make some epic resolution and commit to some equally epic training program.

So much pressure.

Let’s just dial that down a bit.

Now, I understand that every body is different and what is working for me is just one example of feeling the burn.

I’m also not, in ANY WAY, belittling anyone out there that is working toward running a marathon, or a 30-day shred, or hired a trainer to whip them into shape. I think those are all good things...just not things that I can do right now.

If you’re in the same boat, here’s what I’ve been doing:

Treadmill: 30 Minutes

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-Warm up with a easy walk on a flat incline for the length of one song.

-Increase incline to 7 or 8 and run for the length of one song.

-Decrease speed and catch my breath.

-Spend the remaining time walking at a very fast pace, at 10 incline.

-At the 30 minute mark, cool down with an easy walk on a flat incline until I catch my breath.

Wall Sits (3 sets to a count of 25)

Planks (3 sets to a count of 20)

Push Ups (3 sets to a count of 12)

Bicep Curls with a resistance band. (3 sets of 12)

I always keep my earbuds in and listen to some good workout music when I do the wall sits and push ups. Because those exercises kill me and the music keeps me focused enough so I don’t end up saying, “Screw this. I’m going to watch Glee.”


  • Starting Weight: 195.5 pounds
  • Week Nineteen Weight: 177 pounds ( -5 pounds / -18.5 pounds total)
  • Goal Weight: 165 lbs

Please share your workout in the comments below. I need more ideas!

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