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Healthy Living for Mom: Move More Eat Well 2012

I'm making fitness plans for next year and one thing is certain, I will be participating in Move More, Eat Well 2012 from Cathy Zielske.
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There are two reasons that I write these healthy living posts each week.

1. Documenting my progress gives me a reason to reflect on the choices and activities that led to the numbers on the scale, the fit of my jeans, and my overall mood.

2. I think sharing what it really takes for us to get and stay healthy helps set a realistic perspective on health.

healthy living for mom move more eat well

I think there are a lot of workout gimmicks out there. A lot of lunatic diets that are fundamentally bad for you. I know (from experience) that losing weight is hard and fighting the urge to shovel cookies in your mouth can be a challenge, especially for women that are keeping a lot of balls airborne.

My friend Becky made a comment to me, about how women assume that everyone is doing it better than they are. We never just ask things like, “how on earth do you keep your house so clean with three kids?”

I’m guilty of this. I just figure that everyone else is naturally slender, or that they dish up low-fat and nutritious meals three times a day, or that the sight of a cupcake conjures only mild interest (as opposed to the all-consuming obsession that it does for me).

If you don’t ask, you don’t hear about the expensive personal trainer, the intense diet, the really early mornings at the gym, the occasional backslides, the food allergies, or the frustration at being naturally skinny.

Laying out my struggles and successes has helped me connect with people and realize that I’m not the only one that struggles with all of it.

It’s also helped me to read about the real experience and goals of other women—particularly Cathy Zielske.

Cathy has been chronicling her weight loss/healthy living journey for the past two years. I’ve followed along eagerly because she has so truthfully shared her experiences. For most of the last two years, Cathy has titled her series of posts, Move More, Eat Less. In September, she made a shift to the concept: Move More, Eat Well.

In addition to “fighting chub”, Cathy is a wildly talented scrapbooker, so naturally she has found a way to meld the two topics into one wonderful Big Picture Class for 2012:

Move More, Eat Well 2012 

The year-long program is a tool to chronicle your journey towards health. Participants will get access to message boards to support and inspire each other, while exploring and documenting the process of living a healthy lifestyle.

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Hence the appeal.

This isn’t a weight-loss program. There is no personal training coach or nutritionist leading us down the path to six-pack-abs. As Cathy puts it in her video, “I’m a mom with a muffin top and I want to feel better.”

Me too.

That’s why I’ve already signed up. Come with me, it will be fun!

Any program lead by someone that can work in a Zoolander reference in her program outline, is bound to be a darn good time.

A word about Move More, Eat Well 2012 from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.


  • Starting Weight: 195.5 pounds
  • Week Twelve Weight: 180 pounds ( -5 pounds this week / -15.5 pounds total)
  • Goal Weight: 165 lbs

Down five pounds from last I lost the cruise weight. I realize in my post last week I was all zen about gaining 5 pounds on the cruise. I became less zen as the week progressed and made a point to get two good workouts in. Workouts plus, you know, NOT eating desert every night like I did on Mickey’s boat.


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